Business verification services

Know Your Customer and ensure AML compliance

With the world's most comprehensive commercial database holding data on more than 120 million companies worldwide Dun & Bradstreet is uniquely placed to help organisations identify their business customers and suppliers.

Through D&B's commercial database, which uses our unique DUNS Number and DUNS-Right process, you are able to confirm the identity of more than 120 million companies worldwide and the identity of their parent company, Directors and affiliates.

D&B's business reports are AML compliant and will allow you to confirm the following:

  • that a business exists and is operational
  • business proprietor identity
  • business type
  • registration details & current status
  • historical data including previous business names and any negative events
  • corporate family trees.

D&B's business reports are a critical tool in your AML compliance and risk mitigation strategies for both customers and suppliers.

Click here  to verify a business with a D&B report or contact Client Services on 13 23 33.