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D&B's Trade Exchange Program

Business insight to improve collections and productivity, while reducing your credit risk.                            

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Business-to-business payments information provides an insight into a key indicator of your business' stability - cash flow. Without payment information you may not be alerted to warning signs that a customer is experiencing financial distress or facing bankruptcy.

Your businesses cannot afford to sit back and wait for customers to pay. Increased payment terms on business can mean a decrease in cash flow and eventually an increase in bad debt. The longer your bills remain outstanding the higher the likelihood you won't get paid.

With over 160 years of experience in collecting and enhancing data, D&B's Trade Exchange program offers the means to access highly predictive payment experience information. A critical component in developing an effective credit risk management program.  Join D&B's Trade Exchange Program today 13 23 33

Why use payment data?
  • One of the most crucial criteria for determining when and if a company is likely to fail is their past payment performance
  • 90% of bankrupt companies exhibited delayed, fluctuating or below industry average payment behaviours
  • D&B collect trade experiences, combine them with information from a wealth of data sources to complete the true image of a business's financial stability - past, present and future
  • Trade is considered to be the most important predictive indicator in our DunsRight Data Quality Process  - allowing us to be confident that every credit decision you make is based on all the relevant data available.

Unique to D&B, both favourable and unfavourable payment experiences are reported and incorporated into D&B's Predictive Indicators like the D&B Dynamic Risk Score, the D&B Dynamic Delinquency Score plus other business insights available to the business community.

When businesses participate in the D&B Trade Exchange program, they join a powerful network of data contributors providing over 5 million accounts receivable updates per year within Australia alone.

D&B's Trade Exchange Program is a complimentary, free-of-charge service that can help you to improve your collections and productivity, while supporting the quality of information available to help other business decision-makers reduce credit risk.

As a Trade Exchange Participant, you can gain access to the following valuable information and services:

Trade Risk Analysis

Using the power of D&B's predictive scoring models, the Trade Risk Analysis provides an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your current debtors.

This 'health check' includes a breakdown of your debtor portfolio by risk categories, allowing you to prioritise your collections process, increase cash flow and provide a range of management reports to your business.

Some key benefits of the Trade Risk Analysis include:

Filter lists of customers by Risk Band, Dollar Exposure etc. and extract to assist prioritisation of Collections process.

Extract graphical breakdowns of Debtor Risk which show number of debtors and total dollar exposure in each risk category to assist management reporting.

View movement of risk classifications within your debtor portfolio through the Risk Movement report, which on a month-by-month basis enables you to monitor changing customer conditions.

D-U-N-S® Number Your Debtor File

Attaching a DUNS Number, D&B's unique worldwide 9-digit reference number, helps eliminate duplicates and organise and validate your existing data.

Obtain The Legal Name Of Your Customers

D&B will match the legal name to your customer list, as shown in our files. This can help you reduce the risk of fraud, and increase the speed and ease of your collection activities.

Your Information is Confidential

Your company name is not revealed to our customers when they access files in the D&B database, nor is it identified in any customer report. D&B has procedures that protect your anonymity and the security of your data.

The D&B Trade Exchange Program has been in existence for more than 30 years with more than 10,000 participants World-Wide - our level of security in handling your prized asset speaks for itself.

Easy To Supply & Check Information

D&B make it easy for you to help the credit community. We have quality measures in place to help ensure that the information from your records is reported accurately. 

D&B will provide you with a sample report of the processed experiences to help ensure that the data conforms to your company's credit standards and practices.

Participating in the Trade Exchange Program eliminates any requirement to provide D&B with Trade inquiries via phone or fax.

Help the Business Community & Yourself

D&B's Trade Exchange Program maintains the integrity of credit information because it includes both good and bad experiences.

When you send your debtor portfolio to D&B, a more complete set of experiences are available to the credit industry, providing a more accurate and balanced portrayal of the customer's payment habits.

By submitting trade experiences to D&B, you may see an improvement in your own collections. Also, should you wish to, notifying customers that you report trade references to D&B may lead slow paying customers to respond faster while your better-paying customers will appreciate knowing that their good credit record is being reported.

How Does It Work?

Simply download the data from your accounts-receivable system and deliver this to your D&B Trade Consultant on a monthly basis. We'll do the rest.

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