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D&B stats & facts

D&B Worldwide

  • Operating since 1841 in the US
  • 11,000 employees
  • 150,000 customers
  • Servicing 90% of the Business Week Global 1,000
  • Holding information on more than 205 million businesses
  • Network of branches covering 193 countries
  • Handling 186 monetary currencies
  • Covering 95 languages or dialects

D&B Australasia

  • Operating since 1887 in Australia
  • Operating since 1903 in New Zealand
  • Over 600 employees
  • 6 regional operational offices
  • Holding information on more than three million businesses
  • Quality Certification: ISO 9001




D&B Australia and New Zealand

In Australia, D&B has been operating since 1887 and in New Zealand, it began in Wellington in 1903 as a correspondent country. In 1987, the D&B Corporation (US) recognised the strategic importance of the New Zealand economy and established a direct operation there.

D&B ANZ currently employs over 600 professionals in Australia and New Zealand (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide & Auckland).

The Australasian operations were bought out by AMP Capital and the senior management group in August 2001. It was the first MBO of a wholly owned subsidiary in D&B's history worldwide. D&B underwent a secondary buy-out in 2007 with Lazard Carnegie Wylie (then Carnegie Wylie) purchasing an approximate 90% stake in the operations (the local management team retained a 10% stake).

On 31 August, 2010 the D&B Corporation (US) re-acquired Dun & Bradstreet Australia and New Zealand from Lazard Carnegie Wylie.

D&B is the market leader in the credit information and debt management services sector in Australia and New Zealand. Strategies for future growth include developing D&B ANZ's commercial and consumer credit referencing business; expanding its receivables management outsourcing business; maintaining its lead in the development of unique credit and risk scoring products; and developing new products specifically tailored to the Australasian market.

D&B helps customers maximise their cash flow by optimising their receivables cycle. Through integrated solutions, we enable customers to assess risk, make informed decisions and predict the future. D&B is backed by the largest database in the world with information on more than 205 million businesses, over three million of which are located in Australia and New Zealand.

D&B provides a range of credit services, including debt collection and recovery, receivable management outsourcing, credit reporting and credit scoring decisioning tools, and business marketing information services. D&B has also maintained a Consumer Credit Bureau since 2004.

Throughout its 125-year history in Australia and New Zealand, D&B has maintained an impeccable profile in the business community and is dedicated to protecting our strong brand and market presence.

Australia: www.dnb.com.au

New Zealand: www.dnb.co.nz


D&B Corporation

D&B is the world's leading and longest-established business information company. For 171 years, D&B has been providing business with credit, receivables and marketing information, beginning in the US but today spanning 193 countries.

Millions of executives around the world consider D&B's in-depth, dependable and up-to-date information as a vital support tool in making confident decisions that avoid risk and a sound basis for efficient and precise marketing.

D&B's extensive international network enables every businessperson in all parts of the world to access reliable and accessible information, which is updated 1.5 million times a day, on more than 205 million companies.

D&B's products and services include risk management systems, business information reports, credit rating, warning and monitoring systems, expert opinions as ordered, business guides and a selection of directories, marketing databases and more.

D&B strives to develop new and advanced business tools that take advantage of practical experience in building reliable statistical models in forecasting business failures well in advance.

D&B is a public company with more than 11,000 employees in hundreds of branches around the world.



  • 1841 The Mercantile Agency is established
  • 1847 Benjamin Douglass becomes a partner in The Mercantile Agency
  • 1849 The rival credit-reporting agency is founded in Cincinnati by John M. Bradstreet
  • 1859 Robert Graham Dun assumes leadership of The Mercantile Agency
  • 1874 The Mercantile Agency places the first commercial order for typewriters
  • 1886 R.H. Donnelley introduces his first telephone directory in Chicago
  • 1887 Creation of the D&B Australia, as a D&B Corp. subsidiary, based in Melbourne
  • 1900 John Moody produces the first industrial manual
  • 1903 Creation of the D&B New Zealand, as a correspondent country office based in Wellington
  • 1931 R.G. Dun & Company introduces a new level of credit reporting
  • 1933 R.G. Dun & Company merges with The Bradstreet Company
  • 1962 D&B introduces the Data Universal Numbering System (D-U-N-S®)
  • 1975 D&B develops the National Business Information Center
  • 1987 Creation of D&B New Zealand, as a D&B Corp. subsidiary, based in Auckland
  • 1996 Corporation restructured into three independent companies
  • 1998 Independence for R.H. Donnelley
  • 2000 The D&B Corporation splits into two companies
  • 2001 D&B Australasia is bought out by the senior management
  • 2001 Dun & Bradstreet launches new corporate brand, changing name to D&B
  • 2003 D&B acquires Hoover's Inc.
  • 2007 D&B Australia & New Zealand underwent a secondary buyout process
  • 2010 D&B Corporation purchased Dun & Bradstreet Australia and New Zealand



We are one company, united through shared values. By committing to quality, we will help our customers make more profitable business decisions - creating growth in the Australian & New Zealand economy and positioning its businesses as world leaders. We are a team - one company united through shared values relating to our ethics, customers, our shareholders and ourselves.


We will practice the highest standards of personal ethics and integrity so that in all our relationships we can have pride in our company and ourselves.


We will strive relentlessly to exceed our customer's expectations so that they will want to continue to do business with us.


We will respect and treat each other as individuals who want the opportunity to contribute and succeed. Each of us will be accountable for quality and continuous improvement in all we do. We will work to be the best.


We will accept our responsibility to be effective stewards of our shareowner resources so that through our performance shareowners are properly rewarded for their investment in D&B. By our living and working in accordance with these values, everyone who is affected by our behaviour will say of us, "Customer Focus is how they do business".