For medium to high-risk decisions

Dun & Bradstreet's most insightful report, providing everything you need from identification details through to financial stability and payment predictors. This provides analysis on a company's long-term operations, credit history, profitability and stability.

For medium-risk decisions

This report tells you the likelihood of a company experiencing severe financial distress or failure within the next 12 months. It utilises Dun & Bradstreet's Failure Risk Score (FRS) which looks at over 25 variables to predict future performance.

For medium-risk decisions

This credit report includes D&B's Late Payment Risk Score (LPRS), a powerful payment predictor. In addition to identification data and company characteristics this report provides you with an insight into payment patterns: will you get paid on time, if at all? How does recent payment performance impact on the propensity to pay in the future?

For medium-risk decisions

Including Dun & Bradstreet's Late Payment Risk Score (LPRS), a powerful payment predictor, and identification and company characteristics, this report helps you understand what a business’s payment patterns mean – will you get paid on time?

For verifying company and director identification

Combining real-time access to company information from ASIC with proprietry Dun & Bradstreet data, this report provides valuable insight into an entity's credit and trading status, through to shareholder and ownership information.

For company ID and past events

Real-time access to ASIC data, allowing you to confirm an entity exists and is operational. This extract also provides historical data such as previous company names, directors and addresses allowing you to track previous structure and characteristics.

For company identification

Real-time access to current ASIC data, allowing you to confirm an entity exists and is operational.

For checking global businesses

Know the risks involved in doing business overseas, with access to the information you need to make profitable business decisions on more then 200 million companies in more than 200 countries.

For understanding overseas risk and trading conditions

In-depth political, economic and commercial analysis on the risks and opportunities of doing business in over 130 countries, including factors that affect trade, payment terms and delays, currency fluctuations and Dun & Bradstreet’s unique Country Risk Indicator.

For monthly country risk reviews

A monthly country review for organisations that are planning or currently engaged in international business, including two-year forecasts to help your company plan for the risks of doing business in over 130 countries.