Australia’s more than 16 million credit-active consumers present an enormous opportunity for credit providers to grow their business.

Understand the risks involved with current and prospective customers with instant access to a range of reports from Dun & Bradstreet’s consumer credit bureau.

Our credit and public record information on millions of Australian consumers can help your business with a range of enquiries designed to reduce the potential for loss.

The introduction of a comprehensive credit reporting system to Australia has provided the information for credit providers to make the most accurate lending decisions.

With Australia’s first-to-market comprehensive credit solution, and particular strength in capturing first-credit experiences from the telecommunications and utilities sectors, Dun & Bradstreet’s solutions deliver substantially deeper insight into consumer risk behaviours, so you can optimise the way you extend credit.

The combination of a predictive risk score and comprehensive credit report will allow your business to:

  • assess risk instantly with a predictive risk score and consumer credit bureau report
  • reduce bad debts and increase revenue with fast and accurate application processing
  • drive efficiency in your credit decisioning process and achieve higher approval rates
  • identify customers with untapped value by accessing positive credit history information.

Reduce your risk when dealing with large credit exposures with a broad overview of a customer’s creditworthiness and involvement with other corporate entities.

The combination of a predictive risk score and negative credit report will allow you to make credit decisions based on:

  • in-depth adverse credit information covering defaults, bankruptcies and judgements
  • past credit enquiries showing the frequency and type of credit for which an individual has applied
  • current and past involvement in directorship of any companies, and those companies’ trading status
  • personal identification information such as previous employer details and addresses, and an individual’s commercial credit history.   

Make quick and critical risk decisions with a view of your customers’ previous negative credit experiences such as credit defaults and court information.

Including bankruptcy, judgements, summons and past credit default information, an adverse enquiry will allow your business to:

  • maximise profitability by tailoring products to customers based on their credit history
  • minimise the potential for bad debt by identifying  prospects with a history of defaults
  • improve the speed of application processing by presenting only the most critical negative information to your credit team.

For businesses that are not extending credit but need to mitigate their risk when dealing with customers, this report reveals the available bankruptcy, judgement and summons data.

This information will provide businesses in recruitment, insurance and real estate, in particular, with the information to:

  • find better customers by identifying those that have experienced extreme credit difficulties
  • improve decision making by integrating enquiries into your customer applications and assessment process.

*Please note that Privacy Law requires you to be a verified subscriber to Dun & Bradstreet’s consumer credit bureau to access the information listed above.