Identity fraud is estimated to cost the Australian economy in excess of $1 billion annually, with crimes such as identity theft and supplier impersonation the most common forms, in addition to money laundering and terrorism financing.

Minimise the risk of fraud at your business and address know-your-customer compliance obligations, with Dun & Bradstreet’s fraud and customer identification solutions.

D&B greenID

A secure, privacy-compliant and online service, D&B greenID can be easily integrated into your customer onboarding process and administration processes to confirm the identity of customers and reduce the likelihood of fraud.

Designed by market-leading software company, Edentiti, the Dun & Bradstreet solution provides active, multi-stage verification that can deliver higher identification rates and a better customer experience.

D&B greenID can help your business:

  • verify customers by corroborating their name, address and DOB details against multiple reliable and independent government, public and private data sources including our consumer credit bureau with over 14.5 million consumers
  • increase match-rates and reduce drop-offs using multi-stage verification functionality
  • reduce operational costs and administration by verifying and opening customer accounts in a fast, accurate and online manner
  • provide detailed reporting and audit information for your ongoing compliance requirements.

Available for integration as a plug-in, standalone solution, web service API or in tandem with your back-office staff, D&B greenID is the market-leading customer identification solution.

Extreme Credit Risk

Assess in real-time the likelihood of a credit application being a very high credit or fraud risk.

Available to businesses in the telecommunications and unsecured finance sectors, the Extreme Credit Risk (ECR) solution combines Dun & Bradstreet’s consumer credit bureau and analytics to identify customers that are potentially high risk.

Integrated into your internal systems, at any stage in the customer lifecycle, the ECR solution can:

  • assess your credit risk and reduce exposure to bad debt
  • identify very high credit or fraud risk customers
  • assess applications with real-time transaction processing
  • be customised to provide an industry-specific risk assessment
  • reduce the requirement for manual intervention, extended processing time, additional costs and potential errors.

The ECR score contains score bands and key influencing factors and is supplied in conjunction with a consumer credit bureau credit enquiry, public record and adverse data segments.