With thousands of people moving, changing jobs and contact details every day, keeping track of your customers is a significant challenge.

Dun & Bradstreet’s powerful search, match and locate solutions can help your business to track debtors or simply keep in touch with current and former customers.

Skip tracing: D&B Tracker and Debt Collection Report

Designed for credit providers and debt-purchasers, D&B’s skip-tracing solution comprises two components to allow companies to trace and assess skipped or absconded debtors against Dun & Bradstreet’s consumer credit bureau.

D&B Tracker

Aimed at increasing contact rates through new address and contact information on our consumer credit bureau, the tracker returns up to 10 addresses and source information relating to each address detail.

Debt Collection Report

In addition to contact information, this comprehensive report provides the information you need to determine the likelihood that the skipped debtor will repay their debts.

With the D&B Tracker and Debt Collection Report, your business can:

  • access address information held on Dun & Bradstreet’s consumer credit bureau; a rich and unique source of consumer data
  • increase its contact rates through new contact information stored against over 15.5 million consumer bureau records
  • reduce bad debt exposure by contacting debtors earlier in the collection stage to secure payment
  • obtain insightful adverse information on the individual’s credit history to assist in determining the level of effort required to recover debt
  • segment address details to target debtors based on the source and recentness of the addresses.

Search and locate: FCS Online

In an environment of rising bad debt, consumer credit stress and increased consumer mobility, losing contact with debtors can cost you money, time and disrupt your cash flow.

Available through a portal or batch service, Dun & Bradstreet’s powerful search solutions are ideal for credit providers, collections departments, investigators and mercantile agencies.

With our FCS Online search & locate solution, your business can:

  • search online and in real-time for lost or absconded individuals
  • cross-check your debtors against a variety of comprehensive and reliable data sources
  • determine location history and property ownership information
  • increase contact rates and identify known associates
  • restore your cash flow health by fast-tracking debt location and recovery.

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Customer tracking: RecoNexus

Losing touch with customers impacts the quality of your service, can critically undermine your acquisition investment and also erode the future value of the relationship.

Ideal for collections, sales and marketing, and ongoing customer management, Dun & Bradstreet’s RecoNexus data-wash solution can be used to confirm whether a customer is still at their last known address, to update your CRM database or actively search for hard-to-find customers.

Fast and easy-to-use, RecoNexus can help your business:

  • cross-reference multiple data sources to deliver a single profile view of an individual
  • find potential leads for unreachable customers, seven-days-a-week and 24-hours a day
  • establish new addresses
  • establish property ownership
  • find and append contact information including addresses and telephone numbers.

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