Time is money – especially when it comes to chasing up outstanding accounts and long-term debts.

Save time and focus on the growth of your business by outsourcing your collections requirements to Dun & Bradstreet’s industry-leading debt recovery team.

Our solutions will accelerate the payment of your outstanding accounts to reduce your internal collections expenses and improve your cash flow, while maintaining the goodwill of your debtors.

Dun & Bradstreet collections

Waiting too long to place an account for collection will reduce your cash flow, increase bad debt losses and lower profitability.

When you engage Dun & Bradstreet for debt recovery, you’ll receive a collections program that meets your unique recovery needs and reporting requirements.

With Dun & Bradstreet collections you can:

  • streamline your collections decision-making process
  • increase your cash flow
  • control your legal and regulatory risks
  • minimise bad-debt write-offs.

Dun & Bradstreet is the expert in collecting overdue consumer and commercial accounts, with a SmartCollect™ recovery model and results-based pricing that delivers the industry’s leading recovery rates and net returns.

Evolved over years, the SmartCollect™ model ensures a specialist approach to each debtor conversation and action, with tailored scripting and training that drives far stronger results than more traditional approaches.

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D&B are also proud to be a Foundation Member of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association, and as such have adopted and comply fully with the Code of Practice released in March 2016.