In a world dominated  by data, businesses can struggle to drown out the noise.

Dun & Bradstreet’s powerful risk management solution, DNBi, delivers the timely and useable insight that businesses need to make critical decisions at all stages of the credit lifecycle.

Total risk management: DNBi

With access to different modules to match your requirements, and available on a unit-cost or universal payment plan, DNBi delivers a total risk management solution to reduce your exposure while identifying and exploiting new credit opportunities.

The DNBi risk management platform allows your business to:

Manage exposure

See the risk of your customers failing or making late payments, with scores built on our advanced analytics, including unrivalled company payment patterns, the most extensive financial data available and unique collections activity.

Monitor changing risk

Receive notifications when information about your customers and suppliers change, including their risk score, director details and company registration status. Make decisions based on proactive alerts that are fully customisable based on your risk appetite.

Access company analysis

Access to D&B’s easy-to-read reports is just a click away. From basic company identification through to a comprehensive report on financial stability, payment patterns, failure risk, credit history, and related entities and directors.

Find and review

Examine new business opportunities by searching companies, directors and individuals from the world’s largest commercial database and D&B’s comprehensive consumer bureau. Refine and filter by company structure, registration status and location, and use Google results to target the right business.

View full histories

Share knowledge across your credit team with customisable entity views that focus your activities. With an infinite archive capacity you can see a full audit history including reports, notifications and notes made by your team, so you avoid wasted effort and duplicate orders.

Powered by the world’s largest commercial database, DNBi utilises the most predictive failure and late payment scores so you can make quick and accurate decisions to avoid risk and maximise opportunities throughout the credit lifecycle.


Customer portfolio management: Portfolio Insight

Being able to quickly pin-point the financial risks and opportunities across your customer base is critical to effective account management and business growth.

A key module on the DNBi platform, Portfolio Insight provides clear visibility on how your customers are performing by merging your accounts receivable data with D&B's predictive failure and late payment scores.

Profile your risk

Portfolio Insight builds on the powerful DNBi dashboard to profile your current customers. Updated every day, and incorporating your own ageing and outstanding balance definitions with D&B's sophisticated analytics, the dashboard reveals a quick and up-to-date view of risk exposure and growth opportunities.

Analyse your receivables

Extract deeper analysis from your own receivables data and custom fields such as account credit limits and divisions. Review the performance of your reserving and collections strategies by overlaying D&B's predictive risk scores with your own customer payment behaviour.

Identify corporate families

Analyse aggregated account performance by the ultimate holding company to understand both your total exposure and identify potential growth opportunities

Segment your exposure

Understand the characteristics of your customers using criteria such as risk, size, age, industry type and geographic location

Track performance

Target a single customer’s performance with entity views that incorporate your own receivables information and the history of how balances and risk have changed over time.

Portfolio Insight