Plan your sales activity and dive deeper into the details of key decision makers and companies, with Dun & Bradstreet’s business intelligence, analysis and prospect-building solutions.


The world is a big place – with big opportunities for Australian businesses.

Target the most viable overseas opportunities with qualified international leads and information on more than 85 million companies, 100 million key decision makers and 900 industry segments.

Global database

Access the world’s largest commercial database covering more than 85 million companies, 100 million key decision makers and 900 industry segments, updated 3 million times per day and bolstered with insight from industry-specific business analysts.

Global corporate linkage

Find new and associated growth opportunities among the world’s 20 million linked companies with Dun & Bradstreet’s unique D-U-N-S identification system and corporate family tree analysis.

News and social content

Cut through the information clutter with integrated analytics from FirstRain to quickly access the most relevant news and social media content on prospects and industries of interest across the globe.


Create a customised list of prospects that match your target audience characteristics, with the powerful build-a-list tool. Segment by detailed company and contact information to quickly connect with the decision makers most likely to buy.

Mobile optimised

Locate, qualify and prepare for your next sales call anytime, anywhere. Hoover’s mobile site gives sales and marketing professionals the information to identify the next new business opportunity on-the-go, from the palm of their hand.

Alerts and triggers

Use alert-driven insight to respond with timely and meaningful interactions with your customers and prospects. Act quickly on breaking events by creating customised triggers and alerts on critical business events like mergers and acquisition, executive activity, product developments and litigation.

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Talk to the right people, with the right information.

Company360 provides the most in-depth information and analysis on Australia's leading 50,000 private and public companies, so you can target the best leads, segmented by territory, sector and wallet-size.

Powered by Dun & Bradstreet's commercial database, and with added insight from our team of researchers, Company360 can help your business:

  • identify and understand the key decision makers at the most relevant companies
  • build prospect lists based on customisable search criteria and customer buying power
  • organise your sales team activity by location, industry and revenue
  • access the latest company information before making contact, including:

    • company decision-maker profiles
    • financial position and potential spend
    • competitor analysis
    • financial reports, ratios and analysis
    • company structure and shareholders
    • linkage to subsidiaries and affiliates
    • ASX data (listed companies).

Configurable so that you can access the sales intelligence you need at the time you need it, Company360 is a particularly powerful solution for professionals in the following sectors.

Sales & marketing

Search private and public companies by their size, industry and financial status to build high-potential prospect lists.  Identify key company executives, understand your existing customers, conduct competitor and peer analysis, and access the latest industry news, trends and insight.

Professional services

View detailed information on private and public companies, intermediaries, financial sponsors, executives, directors, transactions and advisory relationships.

Information, research and education

Gain insight into complete corporate family trees and view financial information to evaluate the health and business status of clients, prospects, and business partners.

Banking and financial services

Use our screening and targeting tools to source potential buyers, target potential loans, investments, acquisitions, co-investors, customers, and strategic partners across private and public capital markets. Undertake peer analysis on your key accounts to identify cash-rich businesses or debt-heavy companies.


Gain a deeper understanding of corporate developments including mergers and acquisitions and financial performance

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